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What is an Independent Roof Specialist and how can one benefit me?

This should be changed to “An independent roof specialist is your eyes and ears. They are an expert in roofing who is focused on delivering your goals and building value throughout the many aspects of property management. Independent means that they are not tied to any contractor or manufacturer. Because of this, they provide unbiased inspection, roofing due diligence, specifications, planning, and budgets to help you get the very best value out of your roof system. This means you get better information, reduce risk, save time, save money, and build and capture value in your roofing decisions, projects, acquisitions, and dispositions.

I get free inspections from Roofers and Manufacturers, why should I pay for one?

Our clients approach us because they have found that they get different information from different sources, and they are not sure if the report is accurate based on their needs. There are many great roofers and manufacturers whom we respect, but all of them have a system or service that they do best. That represents a bias — it influences how they see the roof and your situation, which results in wildly different proposed budgets and approaches, resulting in risk, lost time, and unpredicted costs.

When do I use a roof specialist?

Many of our clients begin working with us because they need an unbiased report on their roofs condition and accurate budgeting. They see that the cost of an inspection is a small fraction of the costs to replace a roof, or what they could lose as a buyer if they don’t have accurate information. That is the starting point, but many quickly find that having an unbiased, expert opinion and access to vetted, quality contractors for all roof systems components can benefit them throughout the life of the building. By serving through the whole lifecycle, we help clients save millions of dollars on a large building.

  • I needed an evaluation of our rafters after an inspector noticed shifting in the roof. Ramin did a great job. He went above and beyond what we originally had agreed on to ensure that the repair would properly fix the problem. I greatly appreciated his input. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a structural engineer.

  • We had them look at my mother's home. They were good. There was no charge. It was to look at the foundation structure. It took about a month to make the appointment. We had to wait a good month for them to see us.

  • As a professional Realtor, I highly recommend using Ramin. He was extremely knowledgeable, and honest which is hard to find nowadays. He confirmed that there were no structural issues with the attic ceiling beams. This ultimately put my Buyer at ease and we were able to close on his townhome in Malibu. Thank you Ramin. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

    James W. Los Angeles, CA
  • Called about an issue with roofing and he said they aren't able to book an appointment for my needs in my area, but took the time to ask a few questions about the situation and gave out a couple pieces of helpful information even though he knew he wouldn't be booking a job. Thank you!

    Brian R. Canyon Country, CA
  • Our company, is dedicated to provide specialized design services for residential in hillside and commercial projects, we have been using Ramin's services and expertise to design retaining walls, foundation of piles and grade beams, structural retrofitting and structural inspections, very detail oriented professional. I widely recommend his services to anyone who needs structural design.

    Miguel A. Pasadena, CA
  • Ramin did the structural engineering for my 50 unit building soft-story retrofit in West Los Angeles. The project was completed January, 2015. Since we completed the project before the City of Los Angeles implemented the soft-story retrofit requirement, I contacted Ramin for help with the city in getting my certificate of completion. Ramin contacted the Chief of the soft-story retrofit unit and I just received an email that our project is in compliance with the current requirements and that the certificate will arrive within two weeks. Ramin's work was responsible for us getting approval even though the project pre-dated the law and the issuance of the current requirements.

    Ron K. Los Angeles, CA

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